Using the Dr. Volume Discounts app you can now easily set up many volume-based discounts, optionally based on selected products, or collections. You can promote applicable volume discount on any eligible product or collection page. If the discount applies to any product you could also promote it on the shop's home page! Finally, the app provides a cart summary section/widget that displays the subtotal, discounted amounts, and the final total.

  • Set up Volume-Based Discounts
  • Multiple Volume Discounts Per Order
  • Promote Volume Discounts
  • Display Applied Discounts In Cart
Coupon Cart

Set up Volume-Based Discounts

Dr. Volume Discounts provides a versatile discount creation tool. You can choose which items the discount applies to by choosing specific products, variants, or collections.

You can configure as many tiers as you need, and even set up 0-value tiers. For example 3 products get 10% off, but 4 to 5 get no discount, and 6+ receive 15% off.

Promote Volume Discounts

Our app lets promote the created discounts ANYWHERE on your site! When a widget is configured on a product page, for example, the app first looks for a matching discount that specifically selects the viewed product. If none is found, it looks for a matching discount that applies to a collection which the product belongs to, and finally if still nothing matches, the app promotes a discount that applies to any product (if one is configured).

Multiple Volume Discounts Per Order

All volume discounts are automatically applied to any eligible order, without any necessary intervention from the customer.

These discounts work similar to the Shopify Automatic discounts, with the exception that you can set up the discount configuration in different ways.

Display Applied Discounts In Cart

Optional, but recommended, this feature allows customers to always be able to see the subtotal, applied discounts, and the final total. This may seem like a no-brainer, however we've found that showing the discounts as early as possible can increase conversion rates substantially, compared to showing them only on Checkout!

Breezy Installation

Whether you choose to use our self-installation wizard, or would like to copy/paste our single-line code snippets into your shop's theme files, or you prefer to have us help you with a free professional installation, you will be up and running with Dr. Volume Discounts in no time!

Development Stores

We are developer-friendly! If you install our app on your development store, you can use the app free of charge.

We will not charge you until the store is transferred to a client. At that time you will need to subscribe at the regular rate.

Currency/Money Formatting

Our app's widgets always use the currency and money format that you have already specified in your Shopify settings. They also pick up currency changes whether driven by a Shopify built-in method or by another app.


Our process ensures that discounts are applied as fast as possible, so customers don't get frustrated with long wait times (like you may have experienced with other apps).

App Integrations!

Dr. Volume Discounts is integrated with a variety of apps. While the list is much longer, here are some highlights.

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